steel pipe fitting

What is Steel Pipe Fitting?
steel pipe fitting

Steel pipe fitting is collectively called the role of supporting spare parts for connecting, control, change direction, split and seal in the pipeline system. Steel pipe fittings are all pressure pipe fittings. According to connection method, pipe fittings are divided into socket type pipe fitting, threaded pipe fitting, flange pipe fitting and welded tube fitting. The material of pipe fittings is the same as the related steel pipes. The common steel pipe fitting includes elbow, flange, tee, cross and reducer. The elbow is use in pipe turning; the flange is used to connect pipes each other; the tee is used to connect three pipes; cross is used to connect four pipes; reducer is used to connect two pipes with different diameter.

The Classification of Pipe Fittings

There are a variety of steel pipe fittings such as application, connection, material and process method.

According to applications:
Connecting application includes: flange, loose joint, pipe clamp, cutting sleeve etc.
Change the direction of pipe includes: elbow and elbow pipe
Change the diameter of pipe includes: reducer, reducing elbow, reinforcing nozzle
Increasing the branch of pipeline includes: tee and cross

Different Applications Steel Pipe Fitting:
According to Connections: Welded tube fitting, threaded pipe fitting, socket pipe fitting

According to Material:
Carbon steel: ASTM/ASME A234 WPB、WPC
Alloy steel: ASTM/ASME A234 WP 1-WP 12-WP 11-WP 22-WP 5-WP 91-WP911、15Mo3 15CrMoV、 35CrMoV
Stainless steel: ASTM/ASME A403 WP 304-304L-304H-304LN-304N
ASTM/ASME A403 WP 316-316L-316H-316LN-316N-316Ti
ASTM/ASME A403 WP 321-321H ASTM/ASME A403 WP 347-347H
Low temperature steel: ASTM/ASME A402 WPL3-WPL 6
High performance steel: ASTM/ASME A860 WPHY 42-46-52-60-65-70

Different Material Pipe Reducer:
carbon steel pipe reducer
Carbon Steel Pipe Reducer
Different Material Pipe Flanges:
carbon steel pipe flange
Carbon Steel Pipe Flange
stainless steel pipe flange
Stainless Steel Pipe Flange

American Pipe Fitting Standards:
ASME B16.5
ASME B16.3-1998

Different Standard Pipe Fitting:
ASME B16.9 pipe elbow
ASME B16.9 Pipe Elbow
ASME B16.5 pipe flange
ASME B16.5 Pipe Flange

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