drill pipe

What is Drill Pipe?

Drill pipe is made from geological drilling through hot rolling and cold drawing. Drill tube is mainly used in drilling rigs to facilitate the drilling of a well bore that comes in a variety of sizes, strengths and weights. But length is typically 27 to 32 feet. The longer lengths are up to 45 feet. Drill pipes are hollow and thin-walled to allow drilling fluid like oil, natural gas and water to be pumped through them, down the hole and back up the annulus.

drill pipe

Name: Drill Pipe
Steel Grade: E, X, G, S
Dimension: 2 3/8"-- 6 5/8"

Applications: Drill pipes are mainly applied in petroleum drilling and geological drilling. Due to deep underground working environment and complex condition, the drill pipe is required to have sufficient strength, hardness, wear resistance and impact toughness.

Oil drill pipe is a portion of overall drill string that consists of drill pipe and the bottom hole assembly which is the tubular portion closest to the bit. The bottom hole assembly is made of thicker walled heavy weight drill pipe and drill collars. The drill collar has a larger diameter and smaller internal diameter and provides weight to the drill bit and stiffness to the assembly. Seamless drill tubing is important equipment for oil drilling and geological drilling, which mainly includes steel drill pipe, tubing and casing, drill collar and small diameter drilling pipe.

Drill Pipe Production Processes:
Stage One:
drill pipe process

drill pipe process

Stage Two:
drill pipe process

Some Requirements for Drill Pipe
Outer diameter for oil drill pipe is 60mm、73mm、89mm、102mm-140mm.
The internal and external surfaces of oil drill pipe and connector can’t have crack, folding, abscission, hairline and scarring.
Thicken part of the surface of oil drill pipe and nominal wall thickness can’t have serious bumps.
Drill pipe length is 8m and 12m without connector, when delivery doesn’t supply connector.
The thread surface of oil drill pipe and fittings should be smooth and don’t allow to have burr, tear and other defects.

The packaging is usually in bundle for oil drill pipe.

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Drill Pipe Specifications:
Steel Grade OD(in.) Weight(lb/ft) OD(mm) Upset W.T(in.) ID(in.) Tool Joint
Connection Type
E,X,G,S 2-3/8 6.65 60.3 EU 0.280 1.815 NC26
E,X,G,S 2-7/8 10.40 73.0 EU 0.362 2.151 NC31
E,X,G,S 3-1/2 13.30 88.9 EU 0.368 2.764 NC38
15.50 88.9 EU 0.449 2.602 NC38 or NC40
E,X,G,S 4 14.00 101.6 IU/EU 0.330 3.340 NC40 or NC46
15.70 101.6 IU/EU 0.380 3.240 NC40 or NC46
E,X,G,S 4-1/2 16.60 114.3 IEU/EU 0.337 3.826 NC46 or NC50
20.00 114.3 IEU/EU 0.430 3.640 NC46 or NC50
E,X,G,S 5 19.50 127.0 IEU 0.362 4.276 NC50 or 5-1/2 FH
25.60 127.0 IEU 0.500 4.000 NC50 or 5-1/2 FH
E,X,G,S 5-1/2 21.90 139.7 IEU 0.361 4.778 5-1/2 FH
24.70 IEU 0.415 4.670 5-1/2 FH
E,X,G,S 6-5/8 25.20 168.3 IEU 0.330 5.965 6-5/8 FH
27.70 IEU 0.362 5.901 6-5/8 FH

Chemical Composition(%):
Grade Chemical composition
E <0.015 <0.003
X <0.015 <0.003
G <0.015 <0.003
S <0.015 <0.003
Tool joint <0.015 <0.003
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