the prospect of LSAW steel pipe

LSAW steel pipe is professional term of longitudinally submerged arc welding.

With the Following Features:
First, the specification of LSAW pipe covers a large range manufacture pipes not only small diameter with big wall thickness but also large diameter with big wall thickness.

Second, LSAW pipe owns higher accurate dimension and is convenient for the on-site welding construction. Furthermore, it has ability to protect the pipes from corrosion and cracking.

Third, due to fine welding process, LSAW steel pipes have stable welding and high quality welding process.

Last not least, it is easy to realize the nondestructive flaw detection in the welding process. Due to these advantages and own special features, LSAW steel pipe has a bright prospect in future and many customers desire to choose it. According to the API standard, welded steel pipe is ideal tube in large oil and gas delivery pipelines when the tube goes through alpine zone, sea and city populated areas.

Through the simple analysis on features and advantages of LSAW steel pipes, we will give a concrete reference concerning the prospect LSAW pipe at home and abroad markets. Until now, the market of LSAW pipe is increasing dramatically because of expansion of China LSAW capacity. Besides China, India and Middle East also have obvious rise in the LSAW pipe capacity. At present, China has become the biggest regions for manufacturing LSAW steel pipes. In 2015, further demands are expected in LSAW steel pipes. In addition to foreign needs, China has a strong internal demands for the expansion of length of the gas pipeline.

LSAW Steel Welded Pipes
LSAW steel welded pipes

In brief, the demand of LSAW steel pipe is forecast to rise continuously. However, the welding steel pipe market will suffer from great competition. LSAW steel pipe market is dominated by the European and Japan previously, but it will encounter strong competition between China and India in the future. Although China is likely to be the biggest region to manufacture, the demands of LSAW steel pipe will not keep pace with the capacity.
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