pipe flange

What is Pipe Flanges?
pipe flange

Pipe flange is a way to connect pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment to form a piping system. Also it supplies easy access for cleaning, inspection or modification.

Pipe Flange has various different classifications.

Below are available industrial pipe flanges to meet customers’ project needs.

blind flange
Blind Flange
orifice flange
Orifice Flange
lap joint flange
Lap Joint Flange
reducing flange
Reducing Flange
socket welding flange
Socket Welding Flange
welding neck flange
Welding Neck Flange
Applications of Piping Flanges:

Piping flange is integral parts of lots of engineering and plumbing projects. Engineers need to find a method to close off a chamber or cylinder in a very secure fashion in many applications of pipe flanges. Usually the substance inside should differ from the substance outside in composition or pressure.


Carbon Steel: ASTM A105
High temperature: ASTM A182 (Gr.F1, Gr.F11, Gr.F12, Gr.F22, Gr.F5, Gr.F9)
Low temperature: ASTM A350 (Gr. LF2, Gr.LF3)
Stainless Steel: ASTM A182 (Gr.F304, Gr.F316, Gr.F321, Gr.F347)

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