what gas pipeline is

Gas pipeline is assembled through connecting by single pipe line. Modern gas collection pipe and transmission pipeline are composed of steel pipe by welding connection. Steel pipe contains seamless pipe, spiral seamless steel pipe and straight seam pipe. Seamless pipe is proper to pipe diameter under 529 mm steel pipes; while spiral seamless pipe and straight seam pipe are suitable for the large diameter pipe. Gathering pipeline is cross section structure, complex structure: internal coating-steel pipe-outside insulating layer-thermal insulation layer; simple structure: only steel pipe and outside insulating layer, while inside coating and thermal insulation layer are depending on the gas transmission process.

Gas Pipeline Project
gas pipeline

Steel pipe is main raw material of gas pipeline. Natural gas transmission pipe is the steel plate to form special metallurgical products through deep processing. Due to different technology, the pipeline steel has some difference for different manufacturers. The gas pipeline has started using X80 steel in some foreign countries. With continuous development of steel pipe, Canada and other countries have laid test pipeline steel of X100 and X120. Generally, X80 steel is ausferrite of ferrite and bainite, X100 steel is bainite structure, X120 is ultra low carbon bainite and martensite. For natural gas pipeline, strength, toughness and weldability are the most basic quality control index.

Gas pipeline system is a continuous closed transportation system; from transport, storage to users, natural gas is in a pressure state; due to transportation gas proportion is small, static head impact is far less than the liquid; when the design elevation difference is less than 200m, the static head will be negligible. There is no liquid pipeline damage!
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