tubing and casing

Tubing and casing is the key parts of the oil well construction. All oil wells drilled is for the purpose of petroleum or gas or natural gas production. Meanwhile the tubing and casing must be cased with sufficient strength and functionality.

API 5CT casing
API 5CT tubing

Tubing is conduit pipe which bring oil and natural gas from the producing formations to the ground surface with facility for processing. Tubing must be strong enough to resist loads and deformations accordance with production. Moreover, tubing also should be support the expected of oil and gas production with proper size. Obviously, if the tubing is too small, it restricts production and subsequent economic benefits of the oil well. If the tubing is too large, however, maybe it has an economic influence on the cost of the tubing, because, the tubing size will affect the whole casing design of the oil well. Therefore, the tubing size choosing is an important factor in the oil and natural gas drilling.

Oil casing is the lifeline to maintain oil wells operations. Furthermore, casing is mainly utilized in connecting the drill collar and drill bit to transmit drilling power. Casing is the major structural parts of oil well. Some requirements of casing pipe:
Maintain borehole stability;
Prevent contamination of water sands;
Isolate water from producing formation;
Control well pressures during drilling, production and workover operation.

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