the reasons why ASTM A179 low pressure boiler piping diameter larger

ASTM A179 low pressure boiler piping is widely used to produce various structural low and medium pressure boiler superheated steam pipes, rolling water pipes as well as superheated steam locomotive boiler piping, opium pipe and small pipe. The ASTM A179 boiler piping is made from high quality carbon structural steel through hot-rolled process. Also, it is mainly used in industrial boilers and low pressure fluid transportation pipeline for life.Low pressure boiler piping has so wide application, then why ASTM A179 boiler piping diameter larger. There are some reasons in following.

ASTM A179 Boiler Piping
ASTM A179 boiler piping

Under different reducing quantity, different  ways of drawing pull the air drawn in the influence of low pressure boiler piping diameter sinking is different.  Non-even passes diameter sinking is smaller than the process of inner wall of outer molding by the radial stress, while radial pressure die hole makes diameter enlarge, the expansion is proportional the radial pressure.

Experiments show that the empty sinking medium or low pressure boiler piping the process of metal material hardening capacity, tensile strength and diameter expansion of outer molding inner hole is proportional to the outer diameter increasing and deformation of extraction medium or low pressure boiler piping. And outer diameter expansion of even pass is larger than non-even pass, the diameter sinking is smaller.

Generally speaking, the process of hardening extent of even pass is much larger than non-even pass. In the same pass, the greater the deformation is, the greater the degree of low pressure boiler piping hardening is. The process hardening makes the strength of deformation metal increase and plastic reduce. Unit metal reducing deformation force increases, the difficulty of the plastic deformation also increases and the relative ration of elastic deformation increases.

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