the importance of carbon steel pipe in application

Carbon steel pipe is very broad in scope and can be used to describe a wide range of metal tubular goods whose main alloying element is carbon. Though many of the same manufacturing principles apply to both carbon steel tube and various similar alloy tubular goods, the focus of this narrative will be on the manufacturing process of mild carbon steel pipes goods commonly used for oil and gas as well as water transmission, structural applications, general purpose casing, piling, and mechanical components.

Carbon Steel Pipes
carbon steel pipes

Carbon steel tubing starts out by arriving at the pipe mill in the form of either a billet (basically a large solid steel bar) or a coil (imagine a roll of toilet paper made out of steel). Depending on the manufacturing method used by the mill, these billets or coils will be processed to yield the finished end product. We will examine the various manufacturing methods used to make carbon steel pipes, but first let's look at how the carbon steel got here in the first place.

According to incomplete statistics, the existing carbon steel pipe production enterprises in China is about more than 240, carbon steel pipe unit of about 250 sets, the annual production capacity of about 4500000 tons. From the aperture, < Phi 76, accounting for 35%, < phi 159-650, accounted for 25%. Look from breed, general purpose pipe 1900000 tons, accounting for 54%; the oil pipe 760000 tons, accounting for 5.7%; hydraulic prop, precision tube 150000 tons, accounting for 4.3%; stainless steel tube, bearing tube, automobile pipe a total of 50000 tons, accounting for 1.4%.

Carbon steel pipe is ingot or solid tube through the perforation made capillary, then after hot rolling, cold rolling and cold drawing. Carbon steel hot-rolled and cold-rolled (drawn) branch pipe two.

Hot-rolled carbon steel pipe is divided into general steel, low, medium pressure boiler steel pipe, high-pressure boiler tubes, alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking tube, pipe and other pipe and other geological. Cold rolled carbon steel pipe (DIAL) in addition to points of general steel, low and medium pressure boiler steel pipe, high-pressure boiler tubes, alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking tube, the other steel tube, also including carbon thin-walled steel, alloy thin-wall steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, steel pipe of thin wall. Hot-rolled seamless tube diameter is larger than 32mm, wall thickness 2.5-75mm, cold-rolled seamless steel pipe path to 6mm, wall thickness up to 0.25mm, thin-walled tube diameter to 5mm, wall thickness is less than 0.25mm, cold than hot rolled high size precision.

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