the guidance of seamless steel pipe dimensions

As known that steel product is an essential material in construction industry with its own strict production standards. In the production of specifications, steel pipe can be divided into: diameter of seamless steel pipe of 25mm - 133mm*2mm - 38mm range; diameter of 16mm - 89mm*1mm - 14mm range precision bright steel seamless tube; also it can be based on other various special-shaped to map custom tube.

Seamless Steel Pipe
seamless steel pipe dimensions

If according to the operation of pipe steel division, it can be divided into: 1 6mm outer diameter 133mm, wall thickness of 1mm - 35mm structure, fluid with seamless steel pipe 2 133mm outer diameter 630mm, wall thickness of 16mm - 100mm, the outer precision +0.5%, thick wall seamless pipe and wall thickness accuracy of hot rolled thick wall seamless +5% steel pipe 3 diameter of 299 - 1600mm, wall thickness 10mm, 60mm large diameter steel tube.

If according to the operating tube type, it can be divided into structural tube, fluid pipe, hydraulic tube, power tube, oil pipe, stainless steel pipe, chemical fertilizer equipment precision bright tube, military medical steel tube, pipe, steel pipe, alloy pipe pillar, high pressure pipe, large diameter longitudinal welded pipe etc..

Meanwhile, steel for the implementation of the standards are: seamless steel tube, fluid pipe structure of ASTM A179, GB/T3087-99 GB/T5310-95 low pressure boiler tubes, ASTM A192 high-pressure boiler tubes, GB/T6479-2000 fertilizer tube, 27SiMn hydraulic tube, high-pressure alloy pipe, oil cracking tube, GB/T9948-85 GB9948-88 and other standards. Henan Anson Steel Co., Ltd, as a professional steel pipe manufacturer and supplier, can be customized for customers and clients of various special specifications, all kinds of seamless steel tube material, timely delivery, low prices, excellent quality, together with the original or a copy of the book material, agents and trucks, fire, a large amount of steel can be in direct shipment.

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