some features of ERW steel pipe

How ERW Steel Pipe is Made?

Firstly, the iron is flatten then placed into roller to form tube and pass a welding electrode made of copper disk which is connected to a revolving transformer. When the electrodes touch each side, the temperature is increased to the welding point. Once the steel pipes leave the electrodes, the inside flash is removed by after cooling the pipe with a hammer and the outer flash by a cutting tool. The surface finish could be either bare or coated.

ERW steel pipes workshop
ERW steel pipes
Usage of ERW Steel Pipes

ERW steel pipes have wide applications in fencing, pipelines, line pipes, oil country tubular goods, scaffolding, water and gas transporting, structural and engineering purposes etc. There has been a tremendous increase in the production of ERW steel pipes because of growing demands of oil and natural gas industry, infrastructure and automobile.

According to customers’ requirement, ERW steel pipes or tubes are utilization in various qualities, wall thicknesses and diameters of the finished pipes. When manufacturing ERW steel pipe, only high quality, continuous-cast, control rolled, low-carbon steel is used. High performance ERW steel pipes and tubes have high strength corrosion resistance, high deformability and high toughness.
Furthermore, ERW steel pipes and tubes need numerous tests including hydro-test, an ultrasonic weld inspection, bevel check, micrometer check, straightness evaluation and ring gouge to ensure its quality.

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