oil pipeline

API 5CT Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline

Oil pipeline is mainly applied in conveying oil, gas and water as well as natural gas industries etc.

Casing: casing is a larger diameter oil line pipe which is used as the structural retainer for walls of oil and natural gas wells or well bore. The casing oil pipe is inserted into a well bore and cemented in place to protect subsurface formations and wellbore from collapsing, meanwhile it allows drilling fluid to circulate and extraction to happen. There are some tips when you buy casing pipes: they have smooth wall and minimum yield strength of 35,000 psi.

Tubing: as the name suggests, tubing is used to transport crude oil and natural gas from oil or gas layer to the surface when the drilling is completed. The tubing is made to withstand the pressure generated from the extraction process. The manufacturing of tubing is in the same way with casing pipe. An additional process known as “upsetting” is applied to thicken pipes.

API 5CT L80 oil pipeline

Out Diameter: 2 3/8" - 4 1/2" (60.3mm-114.30mm)
Wall Thickness: 0. 205"- 0.635"
Length: R1(4.88mtr-7.62mtr),R2(7.62mtr-10.36mtr), R3(10.36mtr or longer)
Standard: API5L, ASTM A106/A53,
Material: GR.B, X42, X46, X52, K55, N80, N80Q, L80, P110
Delivery Condition: BKS, NBK,BK ,BKW, GBK(+A), NBK(+N), BK(+C)
Test: Chemical Component Analysis, Mechanical Properties and other inspection

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