oil and gas pipeline crack detection

Oil and Gas Pipeline Crack Detection

Due to transport capacity, safety and low transportation cost, oil and gas pipeline transportation is the best way of transporting petroleum, oil and gas products. However, oil and gas pipeline crack and defects have great impact on the safe operation of the pipeline and the cracks itself is also more complicated in the structure.

oil and gas pipeline

The cracks and defects are usually located inside and outside wall or coating by the intelligent instrumentation defected. And the cracks and defects can be divided into two categories: direct and indirect. The former refers to the state; the latter refers to related. While these cracks and defects have direct impact on the integrity of the line pipe or tube sections for instance corrosion, cracks or scratches. The latter refers to relating to the integrity of the pipe material damage or system failure. With the increasing using time, they can directly cause pipeline cracks and defects occur. The typical example is the damage to the pipe line cathodic protection system or external corrosion coating.

Oil and gas pipeline cracks includes: fatigue cracks, stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen induced cracking, sulfide stress corrosion cracking etc.

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