octg pipe usage and categories

OCTG pipe has a wide application in oil and gas well drilling and transportation. It mainly includes oil casing pipe, oil drill pipe, pumping tubing and line pipe etc. Oil casing pipe is mainly applied for drilling and completion of the sidewall to support so as to ensure the normal operation of the oil wells in the conduct and completion during the drilling process. Oil drill pipe is primarily used to connect the drill collar and bit as well as pass the drilling power. Pumping tubing is at the bottom of oil wells to transmit oil and gas to the ground. Line pipe is mainly used to transport the oil and gas.

oil drill piping
                                            oil drill pipe
oil casing pipe
                                        oil casing pipe

Oil casing is the lifeline to keep oil well running. Because of various geological conditions, underground stress state of tension and compression, bending and torsional stress on the tubes, oil casing tubes need has higher requirements on the quality and mechanical properties. Once casing tubes is damaged for some reasons, this will lead to the whole production of the oil wells or even scrapped.

Depending on the strength of the steel, oil casing pipe is divided into different grades of steel including J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110 etc. The depth of the well conditions is different; the steel grade is also different. Meanwhile, it also requires casing tubes in corrosive environment with corrosion resistance and high strength. And casing tubes has anti-collapsing performance in complex geological conditions.

Despite the oil price sliding brings great impact to oil and natural gas drilling, oil and natural gas as an important energy is close to people’s daily life. The oil price sliding is short phenomenon for us, because we can’t leave oil and natural gas. The prospect of oil and natural gas drilling is still great and nice. OCTG pipe is still an important tool for oil drilling.

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