line pipe project for oil and natural gas

Line pipe project refers to oil and natural gas transportation construction and solid slurry pipeline project including pipeline project, pipeline stations and library works as well as ancillary works. In the broad sense, line pipe project also includes equipment and supplies. Pipeline project with pipes, fittings, valves and other piping connections starting point, intermediate stations and terminals, pipeline transportation lines constitute the project is the main part of the pipeline project.

The Characteristics of Line Pipe Project

Pipeline engineering is application of various modern science and technology also called integrated project which contains a number of general construction and installation works such as professional engineering and construction, professional equipment and construction technology. Pipeline projects will consumes hundreds of tons steel, sometimes need to invest billions of dollars. Usually, a line pipe project is seen as a large, integrated industrial construction projects all over the world.

Generally, large oil and natural gas pipelines are thousands of kilometers long, along with climbing high mountains, crossing rivers innovative or extremely difficult to pass through the marshes and some must pass through the desert. In particular, since 1970s, line pipe project is gradually expanding into the arctic pipeline project and the plateau permafrost zone and complex deepwater development project conditions. Moreover, pipeline project is closely related to the urban and rural construction by region, water resources planning, energy supply, integrated transport, environmental protection and ecological balance problems and in the construction of thousands of kilometers of line pipe construction organizations, need to address a large number of temporary problems like supplies, transportation vehicles, roads, water, electricity, communications, construction and livelihood security, all of which make the pipeline project is more complex.

Line pipe project is a high technical modern engineering. The pipe itself and the equipment used is able to ensure a higher pressure, safety, continuous transport flammable gas oil. Working pressure onshore pipelines and some up to 80 kgf / cm 2 or more, the performance of marine pipelines under pressure even up to 140 kgf / cm 2. In addition, various properties of different oil and gas, to make pipeline transportation technology to meet different requirements. Such as natural gas and crude oil pipeline to carry gas desulfurization or dehydration pretreatment, viscous crude oil pipeline transportation and easy to pour heated or heat treatment. Pipeline was applied on environment vary widely, but also targeted disposal measures, such as insulation permafrost areas, sand fixing desert region, through or across a large river, deep underwater stable tubes. These technical issues are very complex and require a multi-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary to integrated solutions. Modern plumbing wider use of electronic technology, with a high level of automation in the management, centralized control, and efficient and reliable management of its more technical.

Pipeline project must strictly meet the requirements of the quality of the design and specifications. Thousands of kilometers of pipeline systems, often under conditions of changing conditions, to long-term, efficient and safe continuous operation, the pipeline would require at any time in the best running condition.
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