do you know SSAW steel pipe installation process

Lots of people know the SSAW steel pipe, but few people know how to install process about SSAW pipe. Today we will talk about SSAW tube installation process with you my customer.
SSAW piping is conveyed into operation site, first of all, according to the equipment and pipe fittings location, do exhaust pipe. And each pipe is measured specific length, marked the specific size and arranged position so as to interface condemnation. Adopting the crane down tube, during the process of down pipe, nylon sling do hoisting to protect the insulation layer of pipeline.

SSAW steel pipes
SSAW steel pipes

1. Repair mouth and Counterpart
Repair mouth is finished before pipeline delivery intensively. In order to ensure welding quality, before welding, the workers should to conduct comprehensive inspection and correction to make the pipe end, groove angle, blunt edge and roundness be all accord with the requirement of mating connector size. Individual SSAW pipes need to do groove processing in the site, using oxyacetylene cutting and after removing slag with grinding wheel burnishing and flat.

Counterpart operation procedure:
Check interface connector size → clear breech →Determine and adjust the steel pipe longitudinal seam stagger position → first time conduit find straight pipe →adjust counterpart gas dimension → pipeline find straight → spot welding

2. Welding
Interface welding uses electric arc welding; each welding seam is all finished one time; each layer of welding arc point must stagger. Before welding, socket should be repaired, slag removal, pipe end groove angle, blunt edge, gap and complied with the rules. Don’t weld welding rod in counterpart gap and use heating to narrow gas to weld. Counterpart should make wall flush, will use the 300 mm long ruler on the inner wall of the interface around order depend, hi-lo allow partial differential check should be 0.2 times that of the wall thickness, and shall not be greater than 2 mm.
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