West-to-East gas pipeline project

West-to-East gas pipeline project is a major part of the great strategy of developing the West economy. It links the resources transportation between West and East and promotes Western resource development and utilization. A 4200 kilometer LSAW pipeline will be built to transmit the natural gas from West to urban east cities like Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Guangxi etc.

Standard: LSAW API 5L PSL2
Specification: X65 20"
Quantity: 21000T
Year: 2012

welding LSAW pipeline
The worker is welding the LSAW pipeline to connet the two pipes.

West-to-East pipeline installation
West-to-East pipeline installation.

West-to-East pipeline construction
West-to-East pipeline construction.

natural gas pipeline installation
natural gas pipeline installation

West-to-East natural gas station
West-to-East natural gas station.

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