API 5L petroleum project in Maracaibo

Maracaibo is the second biggest cities of Venezuela and is famous as petroleum storage in the world. In August, 2013, one of the petroleum extraction company ordered 6000T API 5L line pipe (ERW pipe) from AGICO to hold on the petroleum extraction and transporting in Maracaibo. The API 5L steel grade includes X60, X65, X70 and L80 as well as casing pipes, tubing, drill pipe etc. of octg pipes. We have a pleased corporation with this company. Until now, corporation between AGICO and this company is still continuing.

API 5L ERW pipe in the port
API 5L ERW pipeline is in the port.

API 5L petroleum line pipe
API 5L petroleum line pipe is shipping.

API 5L petroleum pipe line
API 5L petroleum pipe line has put into the petroleum transportation project.

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